This Policy recognizes that the South Australian Motor Racing Officials Association is responsible for the Health, Safety and Welfare of all members while engaging in the activities of the Association. In fulfilling this responsibility the General Committee has a duty to ensure that a working environment is safe and without risks to health is provided and maintained.

To meet the objectives of this policy, the General Committee is committed to regular discussions to ensure that Health, Safety and Welfare are reviewed. Any Health and Safety problems will be identified and solved through a Safety Committee which, for the purpose of this policy, will be the Association’s Training and Competition Committee.

The General Committee is responsible for :

  • The effective implementation of this policy.
  • Fulfilling management responsibilities under any Acts and Regulations which apply.
  • Complying with the National Competition Rules and other Regulations of Motorsport Australia.
  • Discussions with Motorsport Australia Safety and Welfare performance and resources.
  • Promote awareness of Health, Safety and Welfare.
  • Providing information, training and supervision for all Members in the correct use of the facilities and equipment provided

Members have a duty:

  • To take care of their own Health, Safety and Welfare.
  • For the Health and Safety of others affected by their actions at Motor Sport activities.
  • To report any Incidents, Accidents, Injuries or Hazards which occur.
  • To comply with the National Competition Rules and other Regulations of Motorsport Australia.
  • To comply with the SAMROA Health, Safety and Welfare Procedures.
  • Not to willfully interfere with or misuse the facilities or equipment provided in the interest of Health, Safety and Welfare.

This Policy will be regularly reviewed by the General Committee in the light of changes at Events and to Legislation. We seek the co-operation of all Members in realizing our Health, Safety and Welfare objectives and creating a safe environment at the association’s activities.