This policy recognises that the South Australian Motor Racing Officials Association (SAMROA) is responsible for the Health, Safety and Welfare of all members while engaged in the activities of the Association. This policy encourages everyone to take a role in accident / incident prevention and Hazard identification.

Policy Statement:
All members have a responsibility and must also comply with all reasonable instructions, policies, and procedures relevant to their health, safety and welfare.
In fulfilling this responsibility, the General Committee has a duty to ensure that a working environment that is safe and without risks, so far as reasonably practical to the health and safety of members, is provided and maintained.
As an organisation affiliated with Motorsport Australia, all members are also bound by Motorsport Australia’s policies and procedures, which can be viewed on the Motorsport Australia website.

The General Committee:
To meet the objectives of this policy, the General Committee is committed to regular discussions to ensure that Health, Safety and Welfare issues are reviewed.  The general committee is responsible for:
• The effective implementation of this policy.
• Fulfilling management responsibilities under any Acts and Regulations which apply.
• Complying with the National Competition Rules and other Regulations of Motorsport Australia.
• Discussions with Motorsport Australia, Motor Sport Event Organisers and Promoters.
• Regular assessments of Health, Safety and Welfare performance and resources.
• Promote awareness of Health, Safety and Welfare
• Providing information, training, and supervision for all Members for the safe performance of their duties and in the correct use of the facilities and equipment provided.
• Not tolerating any form of harassment or bullying, which is defined as repeated and unreasonable behaviour towards another person participating in SAMROA activities. This includes (but not limited to):
abusive or offensive language or comments, aggressive and intimidating behaviour, belittling or humiliating comments, practical jokes or initiation rituals, exclusion from SAMROA events and activities both in-person and virtually, and unjustified criticism or complaint.

As a member of SAMROA (volunteer), you must take reasonable care for your own health and safety and ensure that your actions do not adversely affect others.  All members have a responsibility to:
• To report any Incidents, Accidents, Injuries or Hazards which occur.
• To comply with the National Competition Rules and other Regulations of Motorsport Australia.
• To comply with the SAMROA Health, Safety and Welfare Policy and Procedures.
• Follow reasonable instructions from Senior volunteers.
• Not to willfully interfere with or misuse the facilities or equipment provided in the interest of Health, Safety and Welfare.
• Notify Senior officials of any issues that may affect the safe conduct of duties.
• Act in such a way that is respectful to others, and protect their health, safety and mental wellbeing.

Health and Safety Representative:
The position of a Health and Safety Representative (HSR) will be voted in by the general membership.  The HSR will be a part of the Association’s Training and Competition Committee (T&CC).  This person will:
• Assist the general committee with Health and Safety problems and issues as identified and raised by members.
• Provide feedback to both the General and T&CC committees on relevant Health, Safety and Welfare issues raised by members.
• Provide general information and advice to members on Health, Safety & Welfare concerns and issues.
This Policy will be regularly reviewed by the General Committee in the light of changes to Legislation or governing body changes (ie Motorsport Australia).  SAMROA seeks the co-operation of all Members in realising our Health, Safety and Welfare objectives and creating a safe environment at the Association’s activities.

Medical Incident involving an Official:
In the event that an Official performing duties for SAMROA requires medical assistance, the following
procedures are to be followed:
• If a trackside official attends the medical centre for treatment, or is attended to trackside by a medical team, during an organised event, the official is not to return trackside until they are given specific clearance from the medical team to return.
• If a trackside official is not given medical clearance to return trackside by the medical team within the duration of the event, clearance must be gained from their usual General Practitioner prior to their next event as a trackside official.
• If a known medical condition is perceived to cause potential danger to themselves or others, clearance is required from the official’s usual General Practitioner before the official can officiate as a trackside official.

April 2022