What We Do

SAMROA provide trackside officials for all circuit racing events in South Australia.

This includes

  • Flag Marshals who display appropriate flags signals to competitors to warn of change to track condition.
  • Track Marshals who attend incidents which occur during competition and assist in recovering the vehicles and maintain the track in a condition suitable for competition.
  • Communicators who relay information about the condition of the circuit, requirements for emergency services and the condition of drivers to race control by way of radio communication. They also relay instructions from race control to relevant officials.
  • Event Command who are senior officials responsible for the conduct of the race meeting ensuring that the competition is safe, sporting and fair.

At some events SAMROA also provide officials to marshal cars in the paddock and pit lane.

As trackside officials they are usually first to the scene of any incident, they are expected to be able to provide assistance to injured drivers and fight fires until officials specifically trained for these functions arrive at the scene.

SAMROA also provide theoretical and practical training to all members to ensure that all tasks can be carried out competently.